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Because weak signal operation on VHF/UHF/Microwave play an extremely large part in the daily operation of my shack as well as contesting on the VHF and above bands the ability to operate simultaneously on all bands was very important to me. As such the shack was designed with the ability to operate on multiple HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave bands at one time, supporting single operator or multiple operator operation.

I have not now nor have I ever taken part in a HF contest, but I never miss the June ARRL VHF/UHF contest and try to take part in the January and September contest each year.

Operational goal is Work all States on 2 Meters, 1.25 Meters, 70 cm and 23 cm. I also am always striving to work new grids.

I QSL 100% to all Post Office QSL Cards

I have 100% fully independent stations for each of the following bands: 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm and 23cm. Primary interest is in phone operation, but we can perform most major digital modes as well including CW.

6 Meter Station

Flex 5000a with duel receiver


6 Meter Equipment:

1- Flex 5000a with dual Receiver

1- Hiel PR-781Microphone

1- MFJ Voice Keyer

1- ICE 6 Meter Band Pass Filter

1- Power Master SWR/Watt meter

1- HeathKit HB220 modified for 6

meters. 1200 watts

1- M2 11 element beam @ 75ft

1- Ringo Ranger 6 @ 80ft


6 Meter Modified Heathkit SB220


6 Meter Activity:

Worked All States

Worked 9 Countries

Worked 116 Grids

Power Master SWR/Watt Meter with high SWR Alarm


M2 11 Element 6 Meter Beam


2 Meter Station

2 Meter Equipment:

Note: SSB & FM may be operated

at the same time. 144.200 & 146.520

1- Icom IC-9100

1- Hiel PR-781Microphone

1- MFJ Voice Keyer

1- ICE 2 Meter Band Pass Filter

1- Daiwa CN-801 SWR/Watt Meter

1- TE Systems 1454 {FM}

1- Henry 2002A Amplifier (SSB)

1- G7-144 {FM}

2- Cushcraft A26B2 stacked 13 (FM)

2- Cushcraft 15 element Stacked (SSB)

Icom IC-9100


TE 1454 & Daiwa CN-801


2 Meter Activity:

Worked 40 States

Worked 3 Countries

Worked 144 Grids

Henry 2002A


Cushcraft 15 Element {SSB}


Stacked 13 Element Cushcraft {FM} & G7-144 {FM}


1.25 Meter Station

Yaesu FT736R with 220 module


220 Omni Directional


1.25 Meter Activity:

Worked 1 States

Worked 0 Countries

Worked 6 Grids

M2 222-7WL Assembly completed, waiting for trip up tower


70 CM & 23 CM Station

70 CM Equipment:

1- Yaesu FT 736R with 1296 module

1- Hiel PR-781Microphone

1- MFJ Voice Keyer

1- Daiwa CN-801 SWR/Watt Meter

1- Henry 2004A {SSB}

1- DB-408 Antenna {FM}

1- Cush Craft A719B antenna {SSB}

23 CM station under construction

2- Directive Antennas 2355LY

55 elelement loop yagi

1-DMI 23120PA 120 watt amp

Yaesu FT736R for 440 and 1296


70 CM Activity:

Worked 2 States

Worked 1 Countries

Worked 16 Grids


23 CM Activity:

Worked 1 States

Worked 0 Countries

Worked 1 Grids

One contact home brew antenna and 10 watts 700 Miles. Very lucky tropo

Henry 2004A


Daiwa CN-801 SWR/Watt Meter




Cushcraft A719B Antenna


Additional photos coming soon

First part of this coming year, I have plans to install large H Frame and stack 3 of the 2 meter beams, 3 of the 440 beams and 2 of the 23 CM Beams. At this time we will remain with just the one beam on 220.

As of September 9th 2012 I have logged 4,578 contacts on 6, 2, 220, 440 and 1296






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