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My name is Gregory Lewis, I was born before man entered space and vividly remember being glued to the TV watching the first moon landing. My interest in science started in 2nd grade and by 3rd grade me and a friend were designing computers using human brains {ROFL}, while it seems so stupid today, we had elaborate plans drawn up and spent more 3rd grade classroom time on that project than any of our studies. I was reading books on the invention of the X-ray machine and discovery of penicillin, etc in 2nd and 3rd grade science truly fasanated me. By 4th grade I discovered electronics and was hooked. I started building simple 1 tube projects from old TV's and radio's that I got from neighbors, my first project was a simple 1 tube electric organ, then a single tube am radio, later upgraded to a 2 tube with a 1 watt audio amp so I could listen to it on a speaker.

My first electronic creation was of all things a burglar alarm for my bedroom, that sounded a buzzer and flashing light if the door was opened. I find this little fact interesting when you understand the career field I ended up in after the Navy.

I met my future wife my sophomore year in high school through my best friend Danny who's then girl friend was Ruth's best friend...we fast became friends hanging out with each other and a small group of friends. We started dating our Junior year in high school and have been a couple since.

After high school she attended pre-med at Baylor University and I went off to the Navy, we continued to remain a couple seeing each other 20 to 30 days a year when I was able to take leave. Finally in 1982 we were married and it has been a wonderful marriage since. She is truly the person for me and I can not envision my life with anyone other than her.

After the Navy looking for a job in the electronics field, I was contacted by a Security Company who was looking for a Service Technician, I was hired in January 1980 as a Service technician, worked there 8 months and was promoted to Operations manager. My duties were to manage the Installation and Service department, managing 14 employee's, maintain inventory and product orders. I left this local firm in 1986 for a National firm and stepped in there as the Installation Manager, quickly adding departments under my management and by 1988 was the Operations Manager, managing 47 employees in 3 departments.

I decided that I wanted to move into Sales in 1994, so left the firm I had been working for over a decade to join a small local company as an out side Security Sales Consultant. It took me 5 months to get my first sale and more than once I wanted to throw in the towel and go back to operations, but Ruth kept encouraging me. I finally made that first sale and life has never been the same. I rapidly became one of the top sales reps and was promoted to Sales manager 14 months after I moved into the Sales field. A short time later with some turn over at this family owned company I became the General Manager and our company enjoyed some very positive growth during that period.

Over confidence, cockiness in my own abilities led me to open my own company, and for the first few years we did fantastic, then I learned the hard way that being a good department manager is a far cry from understanding all of the nuances of running a business and through a series of mistakes, serious missteps and over confidence......We collapsed and in 2005 we lost our business and were forced to start over. This was a major setback for us losing all of our financial security, retirement and many of the things we worked so hard for. I learned a very valuable lesson that time period. As long as you have the love and support of your family, you can over come any obstical set before you and that God never places a burden upon us too big for us to handle.

I went back to working for a large international firm as a outside security rep and have enjoyed solid success over the years, advancing within the companies. Making Presidents club {top 10 national reps} 4 of the 6 years I was employed there. I had since made a move to a new firm, were customer service and quality is job 1 and have enjoyed great success within this firm.

Who would have thought when at 9 years of age when I built my first Burglar alarm that would have been my career path for the past 34 years..

My life lesson with my experiences has been always strive to be your best and learn your limitations and accept them. And Failures are not the end of the world, pick yourself up, dust off your britches and move forward for truly with out failures we would never enjoy the success.






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