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I am an avid collector of QSL Cards as such I prefer to always get postal QSL Cards and I 100% respond to all QSL Cards that I recieve promptly.

If you wish to get a QSL Card, please send a QSL card, with self addressed stamped envolope and I will return the QSL card promptly the same day I recieved it. Exceptions are after a major 6 meter band opening, it may be a few days as I send out a large quanity and recieve a large quanity of QSL Cards after those events.


QSL Address:


9504 Misty Meadow

Converse, Tx 78109

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The Unusual Suspects

San Antonio Texas Amateur Radio Group.










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The HAMSters

VHF & Above Weak Signal Grid Chasers





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